With English subtitle.

With English subtitle.

"Stormy silence" the i7 4790k = 0dB Noiseless musclePC

(Case study for high performance, noiseless, 4K supporter PC)

Start at the beginning, what does the title stand for? By first sight, not everyone knows what "dB" is. Decibel (dB) is a logarithmic unit used to express the ratio of two values of a physical quantity. In this case it means the value of the noise of the tested PC. The Zero in the title means that the only noise what you hear is the power button's click sound.

Why is it interesting?

If somebody is proficient in informatics, he knows that CPUs produce heat...even more with a higher performance. To solve this problem in the past people installed bigger ACTIVE coolers. Why did i write with capital? The essence of this article is that it presents a high performance PC which doesn't make any noise but able to display 4K resolution without secondary connected VGA.