"Stormy silence" the i7 4790k = 0dB Noiseless musclePC

(Case study for high performance, noiseless, 4K supporter PC)

Start at the beginning, what does the title stand for? By first sight, not everyone knows what "dB" is. Decibel (dB) is a logarithmic unit used to express the ratio of two values of a physical quantity. In this case it means the value of the noise of the tested PC. The Zero in the title means that the only noise what you hear is the power button's click sound.

Why is it interesting?

If somebody is proficient in informatics, he knows that CPUs produce heat...even more with a higher performance. To solve this problem in the past people installed bigger ACTIVE coolers. Why did i write with capital? The essence of this article is that it presents a high performance PC which doesn't make any noise but able to display 4K resolution without secondary connected VGA. 

What do you need for this?

Passive CPU cooler

Passively cooling ATX

Data storage without moving parts - SSD

Computer case with good ventillation

Motherboard with a display port

The type of the chosen parts:

CPU cooler: There are several kinds we recommend, but for a i7-4790k (TDP: 88W) it is a bit difficult. Our choice for this CPU is the NoFan CR-95C Copper IcePipe. The producer guarantees this product can be used under every 90W TDP value for passive cooling.

ATX (power supply): For consistant high performance we also chose a NoFan product: P-500A

Case: The Thermaltake Chaser A21 Black is the right decision with some change - getting out the original ventilator and the plexiglass which were built into the case - .

Data Storage: Instead of HDD only SSD can be used which is available at every traders. The chosen one is a 500GB Samsung SSD.

Motherboard: Asus Z87 Pro V Edition. The display port gives the 4K resolution at 24Hz and UHD at 60Hz. For watching a movie 24Hz is enogh but if you would like to play you will need a Passive cooling VGA which supports the newer display port version(1.2).

The Test:

For the temperature measuring we used the AIDA64 software and a digital multimeter. The test has been taken in the VIP INFORMATICS sevice office, not in labour circumstances.

The Start: 20°C enviromental temperature.

After a rapid Windows installation we have installed the AIDA64 and we started the system stabilitytest function to run the CPU and GPU on 100% performance.

In a couple of minutes the CPU's temperature increased to 71°C and usually was moving between 71-73°C for the time the test have been taken (2 hours). At the cores we could measure different values. Here we saw 73-84°C. We were also monitoring the outter parts of the heatsink where we measured a 49°C average temperature (Here we tried to put the sensor to the closest part of the heatpipe). After 5 minutes of the stoppage of the stresstest the CPU was 35°C and the heatsink was 32°C "cool".

The 2-hour-long test was convincing so we built the parts into the case. The PC was prepared for a sale-like condition with Windows 8. And the results are:

As we thought, the built-in version gave us 78°C average on 100% performance load. The cores also showed higher values, 85-87°C. The air flowing out from the case may come in handy on winter nights because there was a value between 52-53°C. 

After this 1.5-hour-long test the 5 minute no-load period CPU fell back to 55°C.

If somebody would like to build a noisless high-performance PC, it is really expansive as it stands now.

Tested Silent PC configuration:

Motherboard: Asus Z87 PRO V Edition

CPU: Intel Core i7-4790k

CPU cooler: NoFan CR-95C Copper IcePipe

Memory: Kingston HyperX 1600MHz

SSD: Samsung EVO 850 500GB

Power Supply (ATX): Nofan P-500A

Case: Thermaltake Chaser A21 Black

+ Optional VGA : Asus GTX750-DCSL-2GD5

Budapest, 30th of April in 2016




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