What is data recovery?

Data recovery is a special method of saving your files what is almost impossible at home-conditions.

These are only a few examples of dataloss:

  • Deletion of data by accident
  • Thunderstorm-caused overcurrent
  • Broken data storage device

If this happens you wish to have an expert's help.


About dataloss we usually meet with external hard drives so there are some hints:

If we use an external Hard Disk Drive:

Do not move the connected HDD when running. These devices are very sensitive to tapping.

Try to keep the unplugged external HDD safe, dropping it from about a meter high can be fatal!

When we are removing our device, wait for the reccommended system operations.

There are shockproof devices on the market what are also available at our shop.


If we use an external SSD or Pen Drive:

In this case we only have to pay attention to the removing.

There are no moving parts in these devices, that's why it's more unlikely you will lose any data.

Contact us with trust!




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