Data Tresor Disc

Only a few people know that the data storage devices (CD, DVD, hard drvie, pen drive, magnetic tape) we use nowdays do not give us long-term data safety.

The solution for this problem is a new type of DVD, which was developed by czech engineers, can guarantee your data's safety for more than 100 years. This is the DATA TRESOR DISC DVD.

Why is it new? They do not use any organic material while producing and the data storing layer is a metal-ceramics component which prevents the well known DVD aging processes.

How did they measure the 160 years? The first question of customers is how could you even measure this value? But the answer is quite simple: simulation test. The test can be downloaded from the Hungarian site of the disc.

Do we need to keep it for 160 years? We don't have to think in that long period of time, it's only the end of the safe data storage technology. We have to think about that we do not have to move our data from a storage device to another so we don't need anymore outlay on the safety of our data.

Details and Types: 2 kind of DTD discs are available: a normal and another one with waterproof-printable surface. It has 4,7GB capacity and can be written on 4x speed with every DVD-writer. There is a test of the waterproof-printable disc on our website.




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