Today almost in every home we find wireless network, called Wi-Fi, which let us to connect to the web with our devices. The device which helps us creating this network is the router. It is easy to configure if you follow a few instructions:

SSID name (this is what you see when connecting to a wireless network)

Encryption: If it is supported use WPA2-PSK with an easy password with various characters. For example: Int3rnet!

There is capital, non-capital, number, special character and is longer than 8 characters.

There are much more settings that even the cheapest router let us use but basically these 2 main steps are enough for safe home-use.

What we can help you in home and business conditions:

Wired (LAN) and wireless (Wi-Fi) networks design, build, maintain or moving from a place to an other.

The acquisition of these devices

Configuring routers by the terms of the following:

CCTV systems remote access

Remote access of a PC with desktop connection

NAS network drive access

Media center setup

VPN system setup

Router menu remote access




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