There is a huge potential for startups or existing companies in online appearance. Today it is indispensable for them to be on the world wide web at least with a web-, and facebook site.

If our services and products are for the public then it is necessary to appear on the internet. In this case with a well-designed marketing strategy and payed ads we can reach our goals much faster. A community site's possibilities gives your company really good chances by categorized advertising. For example for gender, age, inhabitancy and so on.

If our services and products are for a tight circle it is better to create an own website and advertise through Google search.

On one hand we can pay for Google to put our company to the top if searched but our experience is that people do not really like to click on these hits.

Or we can optimize the website for the search engine with keywords placed on it. But this is only the beggining, there are many other techniques and tricks that should be used.

We defferentiate two kind of website content.

Static: Where content changes are occasional.

Dynamic: Where content changes are frequent.

Even it is a website or facebook page, we provide our help!



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